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CACOCape Cod National Seashore (US National Park Service)
CACOCasualty Assistance Calls Officer
CACOCorporate Administrative Contracting Officer
CACOCornell Association of Class Officers (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
CACOCentral Asian Cooperation Organisation
CACOCalifornia Analytical Chemists Organization (San Francisco, CA)
CACOCaribbean Connection (student organization)
CACOCrédit Agricole Centre Ouest (French bank)
CACOCongressional Affairs Contact Officer (US Army)
CACOCentro Acadêmico de Computação
CACOCaroline Aimee Claudia Oudin
CACOCressona Aluminum Company
CACOCasualty Assistance Control Officer
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The marines' response to the unknowability of the Caco was to remove the known--in this case, in the form of the insurgent leaders, Charlemagne Peralte (1885-1919) and Benoit Batraville (1877-1920).
A parede grossa foi confeccionada, predominantemente, com o antiplastico caco moido, evidenciando a tendencia dos artesaos em acrescentar esse "tempero" as paredes medias e grossas, enquanto nas paredes finas predominou o acrescimo do antiplastico mineral, assumindo-se que tenha sido acrescido intencionalmente.
Therefore, the aim of this work is to examine the Co(II) and Cr(VI) ions adsorption behavior from an aqueous solution by synthesized CaCO 3 in batch experiments as a function of different experimental parameters on the adsorption process: contact time, initial metal ion concentration and temperature.
Reintroduced in the First Probe Session of Reversals With Probes With Six Stimuli (Phase 4) and Eight Stimuli (Phase 7) Participant Phase/reversals Caco Lulu [S.
Lake Caco trophic state classification was obtained using the Carlson index as modified by Toledo Jr.
All of the Caco women deal with the consequences of sexual trauma rendered by "loving" hands: each woman's mother manually tests her daughter for signs of virginity.
La ecologia del caco (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris isthmius) en el Departamento de Cordoba, en el nor-occidente de Colombia, es poco conocida y probablemente presenta diferencias marcadas (morfologicas, geneticas y de adaptacion) con relacion a H.
Caco Macaya es el rodal de mayor densidad poblacional, con 472 individuos por ha, mientras que el rodal que presenta menor densidad es Agua Blanca, con 281 individuos por ha), probablemente a consecuencia de las intervenciones realizadas por los pobladores riberenos.
Alli se enteran de que el pronostico vital no es bueno, por lo que intentan convencer a su madre para que venga a despedirse de Caco.
A Home Office spokeswoman said: "Alnwick has been granted a licence to grow cannabis and caco for special educational purposes.
Informazioni chieste dalla Provincia intorno a casi d'infezioni sifilitiche contratte da balie di esposti, 18 Dicembre 1884," CACO, anno 1884, titolo n.