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CADIComputer Aided Diagnostic Information
CADICad Integration
CADIComputer Assisted Data Input
CADICommunity Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (Minnesota)
CADICenter for Alternative Development Initiatives
CADICanadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde (Scientific Instrumentation Ltd.)
CADICalifornia Death Index
CADIChronic Allograft Damage Index
CADICoronary Artery Disease among Asian Indians (Research Foundation)
CADIComite d'Action pour le Developpement Integral (French)
CADICardiac Auscultation Diagnosis Instruction
CADICompact Alternating Direction Implicit (numerical method)
CADIComputer-Aided Diagnostic Information
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There was significant correlation between severity of acne and CADI (Table 7), (p=0.
Cadi Scientific is a Singapore-based healthcare technology company established in 2003.
The Air Chief also met with the PAF personnel working at CADI and lauded their contributions and asked them to keep on working with same zeal and devotion.
Tunels Barcelona Cadi's two assets are under a sole concession agreement with the Catalonian Regional Government and comprise the Tunel de Vallvidrera and access roads opened in 1984 and Tunnel del Cadi and access roads opened in 1984.
We wanted to do something good for the hospital and to say thank you to all the staff," said the girls who all have had members of their families affected by cancer, while Ffion, Alys and Cadi have had relatives treated at Velindre hospital.
Whereas at the Language Centre-Veracruz, the number of students is around 3 thousand and the staff makes up a total of 10 administrative employees and 40 language teachers; 6 of these teachers work as counsellors and there are 2 assistants and 1 technician at each CADI -the CADI in the Language Centre and the CADI in the USBI (the university library called Unidad de Servicios Bibliotecarios y de Informatica).
Al cadi lo solicitaban los comerciantes, sus esposas e hijos y hasta los poetas del rumbo para mediar en sus disputas, aconsejarlos e instruirlos.
Together they will work on Cadi 5, Jouri 5 and Judi Palace which are residential buildings located in the Jumeirah Village.
Together they will work on Cadi 5, Jouri 5 and Judi Palace, which are residential buildings located in the Jumeirah Village.
In June 2005, the disease spread to the nearby Cadi National Hunting Reserve and private hunting areas (Figure 1), triggering another episode of mass deaths that has lasted for [approximately equal to]31 months.