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CADRACaversham and District Residents Association (UK)
CADRACentral Australian Drag Racing Association
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9 con "cadra di sotto il cielo" nella resa italiana e "abas a sara il Seil" in quella friulana da addebitarsi forse alla necessita di riparare all'indugio delle dipendenti introdotte dal "seben" con un pio pertinente verbo di stato.
When she asked her friend Cadra for advice, he offered to let her use his office.
Cadra was launched in November last year to represent and promote restaurateurs within the capital and its districts.
Arlene and Noi Ramasut, together with founding members of the Cardiff and District Restaurateurs Association (Cadra), have now set up an appeal to raise money to help those who survived the earthquake and tsunami in the 12 affected countries.
Other experiments using males of a distantly related moth species, Cadra cautella, revealed that this species also responds to encounters with single strands of pheromone (Mafra-Neto and Card[acute{e}], 1994, 1996).
Last year Softech acquired Adra Systems Inc for its Cadra product line, designed as a Microcadam clone.
Must-sees: Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town; Santa Eulalia; Benirras; Es Cadra and Es Cana's Hippy Market.
Suitability of eggs of the almond moth, Cadra cautella, of various ages for parasitism by Trichogramma evanescens.
By integrating Designbase into Cadra III, users will gain access to surface and solids modeling techniques employed by Ricoh.
Mi uccidono, mi arrestano, moriro di fame, affogato perche vento e polvere, sotto il filo della porta, ardono la gola; nessuna altra donna mi amera, scoppiera la guerra, cadra la casa, morira mamma e perdero gli amici.
In reaction to the rampant hacking of business computers and data theft, Florida has passed a new law, the Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act (CADRA), F.S.