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CAFFAChicago Area Families for Adoption (Illinois)
CAFFAConcerned American Fire Fighters Association (est. 1993; Chicago, IL)
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Genoese sources related to Caffa record the presence of Salvaygo family members in this important Black Sea colony since its creation in the 1260s.
Wheelus, Mark "Biological Warfare at the 1346 Siege of Caffa.
51) The size of the Ottoman navy was already impressive under Mehmed II, who employed 145 ships of various types to blockade Constantinople in 1453, and 380 galleys in his naval expeditions against the Genoese-administered Crimean port town of Caffa in 1475.
The 14th-century Crusaders defending the city of Caffa in the Crimea were both shocked and revolted when the Tartars began catapulting the dead bodies of plague victims over the city walls.
I interviewed all 33 people in the Grainger Market cafAs, Starbucks and CaffA Nero, ensuring I covered the main socio-economic and age groups, and the five council areas in Tyne and Wear.
The CaffA Bar is located on level one of Secco on Pilgrim Street and serves authentic Italian dishes inspired by the owners, De Giorgi family's home region, Salentino in Southern Italy.
The dress is a sophisticated, yet glamorous, strapless Grecian style number in a flattering caffA latte colour, described as 'so beautiful' by Zoe.
In fact, he is also smitten by Italian coffee bar, CaffA Nero, situated at the top of King Street in the town centre.
Graham Young finds a pizza the action at CaffA Villaggio on Birmingham's Broad Street.
Latin-influenced CaffA Ritazza caters for the discerning coffee drinker with a range of coffees, luxury Belgium hot chocolate, tea, cold drinks and stronger fare from the Ritazza Bar.
In 1373, Chaucer records seeing Scythian and Tartar slaves being shipped out of Genoa; in having come to Genoa, he crosses "global circuits of trade that had long linked Genoa to Caffa and Alexandria, Alexandria to Aden, Aden to Calicut," and so on.