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CAGACapital Area Greenbelt Association (Pennsylvania)
CAGACanadian Amputee Golf Association
CAGAClustering-Based Adaptive Genetic Algorithm (heredity)
CAGAClub Alpine Gordini Ariégeois (French automobile club)
CAGACost to Acquire per Gross Add (Sprint)
CAGACompact Area Group Approach (farmer participatory agricultural extension approach)
CAGACancer-Associated Galactosyltransferase Acceptor
CAGACertified American Guild of Appraisers
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The Role of CagA in the Gastric Biology of Helicobacter pylori.
pylori strain, such as babA2, cagA, vacA, and iceA1 have been identified and involved in pathogenesis of infection.
Based on the presence or absence of cagA, a gene encoding the CagA protein, in its bacterial genome, H.
pylori strains that are CagA positive, there is an increase in the potential of an early abortion (possibly through the increase of inflammatory cytokins release).
The inhibitory effect of soluble saActRIIB-l-ECD and saActRIIB-2-ECD on luciferase activity in the CAGA assay indicated that both act as inhibitors of MSTN and activin signaling.
El mecanismo de adhesion, combinado con los efectos de las proteinas VacA y CagA, contribuye con la inflamacion y el dano de la celula gastrica, que le proporciona al patogeno el aumento de la cantidad de nutrientes en el lumen gastrico y evita que la bacteria sea arrastrada por los movimientos peristalticos del estomago [77,85].
Specific serum immunoglobulin G to H pylori and CagA in healthy children and adults (south-east of Iran).
This adhesion is essential for ensuring the prolonged persistence of the bacterium in the stomach and for the injection of CagA and other proteins into epithelial cells, using a type IV secretion system.
De acuerdo al grado de patogenicidad se han definido 2 tipos de cepas, tipo I cagA (+) y tipo II cagA (-) (17).
Blaser's previous studies have confirmed the bacterium's link to stomach cancer and elucidated genes associated with its virulence, particularly a gene called cagA.
We then focused on gastric cancer to determine whether cagA positivity was associated with an increased risk for that disease.