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CAGNOCancer Association of Greater New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
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BNT and PNT presented lower values of bicristal, humerus and femur diameters; and higher values of biacromial diameters than elite senior gymnasts in a study performed by di Cagno et al.
(8)-Di Cagno, A.; Baldari, C.; Battaglia, C.; Brasili, P.; Merni, F.; Piazza, M.; Toselli, S.; Ventrella, A.
No esporte, o QFA pode ser utilizado para investigar oscilacao do consumo em funcao da variacao da intensidade do treino (Drenowatz e colaboradores, 2012), restricao cronica da ingestao energetica (Di Cagno e colaboradores, 2012), ingestao de micronutrientes (Bescos Garcia e Rodriguez Guisado, 2011; Telford e colaboradores, 1993), ou o perfil da dieta (Arsic e colaboradores, 2012).
According to Cagno, Micheli, Jacinto, and Masi (2014), mostly every industries that aims in improving safety, must take into consideration all the pertinent elements.
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The singers are Becky Bailey, Sara Brandt, Audrey Snyder Brown, Brooke Cagno, Lisa Hellemn, Julia Heydon, Cialin Mills-Ostwald, Maureen Robeson, Cynthia Stenger-Riplinger, Laura Swanson, Sara Swanson and Ingrid Wendt, under the artistic direction of Norma Younkin.
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Solo los estudios de Meijster et ai (24), Micheli y Cagno (25) y Linhard (26) se concentran en una unica actividad o sector: panaderia, metalmecanica y farmaceutica, respectivamente.
2004), improvement of noise assessment methodology (Cagno et al.
(3.) Here, we reanalyze the data from Treatment 1 in Di Cagno and Sciubba (2008), plus some newly collected data.
It is considered necessary to i) identify the major risk factors that could have serious effects on the cost; ii) establish an empirical or assumed distribution for each of the identified risk factors (in any discrete or continuous form); and iii) examine the effects of risk factors on the cost (Thomas et al, 2007, Cagno & Milano, 2001).
Massimiliano Di Cagno, assistant professor at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Southern Denmark, said people with brain diseases are often given huge amounts of unnecessary drugs.