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CAHANCalifornia Health Alert Network
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As Mounting Frustration persuasively establishes, major museums in the US have historically done a deplorable job of representing black artists, other artists of color, and women artists, who are tokenized by everchurning cycles of celebration and dismissal--what Cahan calls "waves"--in part because large art institutions are not only dependent on but impregnated with the ideology of the ruling class that funds them.
For Lipsky, as all previous students of Cahan have observed, Cahan's journey to America in 1881 mirrors the collective uprooting of millions of Jews--exiles from across the Pale of Settlement seeking new lives in a bewildering, and often unwelcoming, new world.
The Cahans used a variety of lures in a variety of spots.
The work of Jewish Daily Forward editor and writer Abraham Cahan (1860-1951) offers one generative starting point from which to build a more rounded representation of Jewish Americans' engagement with education.
Finck allows that, instead of butter, Abe Cahan preferred chicken fat.
Three months after starting the company which created the app, Cahan, right, sold it to Yahoo for between [euro]14million and [euro]22million.
senior vice president of mobile and emerging products Adam Cahan told Reuters that under the deal, D'Aloisio will join Yahoo
While in Chinese Label Art (Schiffer, 2006), Cahan organized his examples by the subject matter of their images and trademarks, here sections are grouped by motifs and icons (e.
Hiring the most talented mobile product thinkers and engineers is a big priority for us moving forward," Yahoo's senior vice president of emerging products and technology, Adam Cahan, said in a statement.
IntoNow wanted to up the ante and give people a whole new experience," said Adam Cahan, founder of IntoNow and vice president of Product, Yahoo
restoring the Times Square Theater as a place to celebrate Broadway musicals of the past, the present and the future," said Cora Cahan, president of The New 42nd Street.