Cal-OSHACalifornia Occupational Safety and Health Act
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The instruments used to measure hydrogen sulfide topped out at 200 parts per million (ppm) of the lethal gas, according to documents released by Cal-OSHA. An acceptable ceiling limit for hydrogen sulfide in the workplace is 20 ppm, according to the U.S.
Reporters for the Cal-OSHA Reporter did an analysis of meeting attendance between 2006 and July 2009 of the six-member Cal/OSH A Standards Board.
Last year Cal-OSHA, a California-specific regulating body, implemented emergency heat stress regulations that went into effect last August, following a string of deaths involving farm workers and other outdoor laborers during last summer's heat wave.
All the urine MBOCA concentrations far exceeded the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA) reference value of 100 [micro]g/L (Robert et al.
California jurisdictions include Cal-OSHA; the Department of Fair Employment and Housing; Department of Labor and Workforce Development (Division of Labor Standards Enforcement a.k.a.
But when "a Cal-OSHA [California Division of Safety and Health] committee tried to make rules on hand-weeding, those growers were not too friendly."
Cal-OSHA is currently revising their standard to include parameters that allow the use of reduced flow hoods, providing they meet certain performance criteria.
In February 2000, Garrett Brown of California's Occupational Health and Safety Administration (Cal-OSHA) found that a high-tech plant in Fremont, California was poisoning its workers with arsenic.
Another significant accomplishment occurred this past year when NASSCO conducted a survey on its website asking participants to respond to the Cal-OSHA safe practices and hazards associated with sewer maintenance activities.
The first was California Senate Bill 198 (SB-198), enacted in October 1989, which states that "Every employer shall establish, implement, and maintain an effective injury and illness program." The "California Corporate Criminal Liability Act," which became fully effective as of January 1991, holds that a corporation or manager can be held liable for not reporting a known but concealed danger to Cal-OSHA and informing any employees who could be exposed.
In a post to Tesla's corporate blog, Laurie Shelby, VP, Environmental, Health and Safety, stated in part: "On Wednesday, Elon invited me to share the safety improvements we've made this past year with investors on our quarterly earnings call because this is so important to him personally." The blog posted noted that "This summer, Cal-OSHA completed a comprehensive four-month investigation into our OSHA recordkeeping practices for the entire Fremont factory.