Cal-PASSCalifornia Partnership for Achieving Student Success (also seen as CALPASS; data tracking initiative)
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Like any new educational initiative, Cal-PASS faces a series of challenges.
"Leadership is courageous" is a phrase that Phillips uses to help schools and institutions looking to join Cal-PASS overcome their concerns about data sharing.
Cal-PASS uses Professional Learning Councils (PLCs) to create, design and implement initiatives at all educational levels.
The new system uses Cal-PASS to automatically transfer the 2+2 credit earned by a student in high school to their college.
Cal-PASS forces schools to communicate with each other and eases students' transition to postsecondary education.
Philips came up with the idea for Cal-PASS in 1997 and worked with others to develop it as a pilot project the following year.
Cal-PASS is designed to get them ready for the next grade."
Cal-PASS starts with a collection of data on student grade point averages, Lest scores and other factors in all courses at all grade levels in participating schools.
Phillips sees Cal-PASS as a model for other states.