Cal-SAFECalifornia School Age Families Education
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LACOE has agreed that in their Cal-SAFE program in the Antelope Valley, students can have a number of options with regard to educational choices,'' said Ranjana Natarajan, ACLU staff attorney.
The ACLU and the high school district reached a settlement in April, under which the district agreed to include information about the Cal-SAFE program and nondiscrimination in materials it distributes to students and parents.
Antelope Valley students in the Cal-SAFE program were placed in three classrooms at Antelope Valley, Highland and Palmdale high schools that were jointly coordinated by the district and the county, and a fourth classroom at a county-operated school on Avenue J ``with little or no teaching instruction,'' the lawsuit said.
Under federal and state law, pregnant students and teen mothers must be allowed to attend comprehensive public high schools while receiving support such as free child care and prenatal health instruction through a state program known as the California School Age Families Education, or Cal-SAFE, Program, the lawsuit said.
They run (the) Cal-SAFE program on three campuses within the high school district.
When one of the plaintiff students, a 15-year-old who had a baby girl in 2003, tried this year to enroll at Antelope Valley High School and receive support services, district and LACOE officials told her that in order to receive Cal-SAFE services, she must take the majority of her classes in the self-contained Cal-SAFE classroom, the lawsuit said.