CalCEFCalifornia Clean Energy Fund (San Francisco, CA)
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She will work with CalCEF to explore avenues for promoting angel investing.
9 trillion by 2020 -- CalCEF believes funding must increase at the seed and start-up stages to support this anticipated growth.
At the end of 2011, one out of every three homes were underwater and the state accounted for 26 percent of the nation's negative equity," said Lori Bamberger, the report's lead author and CalCEF Entrepreneur-in-Residence.
CalCEF will continue its leadership role in collaborating with these stakeholders to progress California's Energy Efficiency Program for Existing Buildings (AB 758) and through ongoing CPUC EE financing proceedings.
The securitization of solar assets will unleash one of the most powerful forces in finance, establishing an enormous new pool of capital to support the industry's growth," said Dan Adler, president of CalCEF.
In a new white paper released today, CalCEF has proposed a suite of new private insurance instruments and policy frameworks to help address this issue.
Transparency and participation from our limited partners is the cornerstone of the CalCEF Angel Fund's investment strategy.
To bridge this gap and scale up renewable energy sources, CalCEF Innovations, the market strategy and public policy arm of the California Clean Energy Fund, today unveils a set of actionable solutions in its whitepaper analysis, "From Innovation to Infrastructure: Funding First Commercial Clean Energy Projects.
In "Energy Efficiency Paying the Way: New Financing Solutions Remove First Cost Hurdles," CalCEF Innovations provides policy-makers, regulators, and private sector firms with an extensive analysis of newly deployed no-first-cost financing options.
SAN FRANCISCO -- CalCEF Innovations, the market strategy and public policy arm of the California Clean Energy Fund, today announced that it has published a white paper, "New Business Models for Energy Efficiency.
SAN FRANCISCO -- CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund I, LP (the CalCEF Angel Fund), today announced a second funding close, which will ultimately be invested in early-stage, capital-efficient clean energy companies.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Today CalCEF Innovations, the market and policy solutions division of the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF), announced that Paul Frankel has joined as Managing Director.