CalOMSCalifornia Outcomes Measurements System (California Department of Health Care Services)
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So imagine if Texa and California decided to harmonize their state reporting systems, including CMBHS, CARE, R & DM, CSI, CalOMS, TCOOMMI, BHIPS, HCS, OSHPD, and TKIDS.
From the set of episodes, a total of 73,805 had treatment outcome data available at discharge and could be included in the assessment of CalOMS outcomes.
CalOMS performance measures included discharge status (at the last available discharge record of an episode; completed vs.
CalOMS treatment outcome indicators were measured at admission to and last discharge from the treatment episode.
The sample of unduplicated FY 2006-07 CalOMS admissions were distributed across the four comparison groups as follows: 14.3% Prop.
Treatment outcomes as assessed through CalOMS treatment data showed improvement for Prop.
The CalOMS evaluation explored potential bias in more detail (Rawson et al.
Data from CalOMS indicate that, contrary to recommendations made by independent evaluators of Prop.
However, with the change from CADDS to CalOMS in June to July 2006, there was a significant reduction in the percentage of noncriminal justice and non-Prop.