CalSTRSCalifornia State Teachers' Retirement System
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GTIS Partners will invest alongside CalSTRS in all the JV's deals.
CalSTRS also provides disability and survivor benefits.
CalSTRS believes that there are several governance structures that help contribute to this high level of accountability:
CalSTRS is the largest educator-only pension fund in the world with more than 879,000 members and approximately $185.
Peter DiLullo, LCOR's president and chief executive officer, added, "LCOR has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with CalSTRS in an existing multifamily partnership, and we are looking forward to furthering our business together in this new venture.
CalSTRS now makes its individual proxy votes publicly available online through a partnership with ProxyDemocracy.
The new, flexible system deploys technology to improve business processes while allowing CalSTRS to continually adapt and grow in support of their members.
In the statement, the CalSTRS spokesperson noted the teachers' retirement fund understands the situation is difficult and that Cerberus may have to explore various alternatives.
CalSTRS has a long history of promoting responsible compensation policies that link pay to performance and align shareholder and management interests," said Anne Sheehan, CalSTRS director of corporate governance.
For the equity portion, CalSTRS has agreed to initially contribute up to $150 million and First Industrial has agreed to initially contribute up to $17 million, representing a 90% and 10% equity interest, respectively.
CalSTRS estimates its Homestore losses at more than $9 million on more than 431,000 shares from May 4, 2000, to Dec.