CALARTSCalifornia Institute of Arts
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Acceptance will be subject to evaluation and approval by the CalArts team.
This June marks a culmination of the exchange, as CalArts students travel to Moscow with Jokovic to continue the collaboration; the long-term goal is to forge more lasting artistic relationships, but the short-term goal is somewhat up in the air.
With a faculty of nationally recognized artists, CalArts offers unparalleled opportunities for growth, collaboration, and experimentation across the arts.
At a CalArts job fair a couple of weeks before graduation, students tried to catch the eye of representatives from The Walt Disney Co.
Murphy emphasizes that the venue is not merely a CalArts vanity showcase and plans to divide programming among work by university faculty and visitors (which will necessitate negotiating the interests of six deans), Los Angeles-area artists, and touring companies.
If the kids stay in the program, they are offered scholarships to CalArts.
Graham Weinbren, a film maker, taught a Wittgenstein class at CalArts around 1973.
You might miss it otherwise - CalArts, as it is known in SoCal shorthand, is many times removed from nearby Los Angeles.
This is a phase where, in a way, you head into unknown territory because it's not your closest friends (donating), it's the whole world,'' CalArts President Steven Lavine said Monday.
I want to forge new alliances nationwide and make CalArts part of the California dance community.