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CALASCanadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science
CALASCentro de Acción Legal-Ambiental y Social (Guatemala)
CALASCryptococcal Antigen Latex Agglutination System
CALASComputer-Assisted Language Analysis System
CALASCountrywide Automotive Leasing Administration System (Automotive Media Systems Ltd.)
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Homebuyers can also ask about CALA Pay - a shared equity scheme from the award-winning housebuilder.
Combining a traditional feel with an innovative range of contemporary touches that are synonymous with the CALA brand, this collection epitomises the style and flexibility afforded to those keen to enjoy exclusive urban living.
The airport is operating on permits from 1960 and revisions likely are warranted because the surrounding community has grown over the decades, Calas said.
The citations included oversize hangars - Kirshner had approval for structures 17 feet high, but built 29-foot-high hangars, said John Calas, an administrator with the county Regional Planning Department.
Cohen also boasted in a 1995 interview published by the PR industry magazine, Reputation Management, that CALAs have helped pass significant "tort reform" bills at the state level in California, New Jersey, Texas, Mississippi and Michigan.
Public education" materials and activities: The slogans, brochures, websites, activities, billboards and other advertising used by CALAs nationwide are evidence of widespread national coordination.
Learn how the CALA contact center industry will grow though 2010;
Understand the evolution of contact center outsourcing in CALA from the perspective of offshore and domestic demand;
Calas said neighbors' complaints have ranged from excessive noise from generators to traffic and dust.
Calas said the vineyard was cited for posting illegal signs last October, but rectified the problems to the Regional Planning Department's satisfaction.
Internal tobacco industry documents make clear that tobacco executives understood the importance of concealing their role in the CALAs.
The Birmingham office of Cala Finance is backing Cannock-based Damar Homes' eight oneand two-bedroom apartments and ten threebedroom houses scheme on the site of former garages and storage units on Stanley Road, off Green Heath Road.