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CALCOMPCalifornia Computer Products, Incorporated
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Boies obtained a directed verdict in Calcomp. It was his first jury trial and the beginning of his meteoric rise to star status.
[19] GTCO CalComp, "InterWrite Products," (accessed 1/26/05).
After a teacher asks a question, the Interwrite Personal Response System (PRS), manufactured by GTCO CalComp, Inc., Columbia, Md., captures students' transmitted responses by one of the small receivers installed around the classroom.
GTCO CalComp, Columbia, Md., has released InterWrite Software version 5.1 for Windows, for use with their InterWrite suites of products.
Data were added to coverages by tablet digitizing with a CalComp Drawing Board II and WinTab digitizer software.
At the end of last year, Lockheed decided not to continue funding graphics peripherals maker Calcomp Technology Inc, in which it was the majority shareholder (CI No 3,567).
Others mentioned include SUN with Unix, IBM RS/6000 Unix terminals, Ethernet and token-ring networks, Calcomp and IBM digitizing boards, and HP650 inkjet plotter.
All movements were made with a battery powered, pen-shaped stylus that could be moved freely to the target location on an electronic Calcomp Drawing Board II (Model 33180).
The GIS lab at the Center for Conservation Biology has received generous support from Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc., Silicon Graphics Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc., Calcomp Corporation, and Peter and Helen Bing.
Calcomp supplies a holder, but it doesn't grasp the pen firmly, which means it's easy to lose.
Hardware used for this project included IBM RISC 6000 Model 320, Calcomp Digitizing Tablet, Calcomp 1043 Plotter, Macintosh Computer, Hawtek Scanmaster scanner, Alphatronix Rewrite Optical reader and optical disk.
There are many ways to accomplish this: You can pay standard sales commissions on all catalog sales (like the Mary Kay catalog does); or use your catalog to aggressively promote retail sales (as Patagonia does); or design the catalog to also function as an in-store sales enhancement device (Calcomp's approach).