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In January, a southwestern Ontario band, Caldwell First Nation, was offered $105 million by the federal government to give up its land claim between Windsor and London.
Growing up on Caldwell First Nation, her home was often full of music, and she developed an appreciation for all styles, including folk, rock, blues and old time country.
When the newly-elected council of Caldwell First Nation convened its first meeting on Feb.
"There is sufficient evidence on the record to demonstrate that the internal governance of the Caldwell First Nation band is in disarray," determined federal court Justice Henegahn, on Jan.
The Caldwell First Nation has declared WAR - a Walk Against Racism.
"Anti-Native sentiment," said Caldwell Chief Larry Johnson, "is being encouraged by local politicians" and the walk is to inform the public of the actions that some of the non-Native community is taking in their opposition to Caldwell First Nation plans to create a land base in the Blenheim area.
The two part-time team members in Burnt Church are Gerry Lept, who in the past has been involved with teams in Ontario at the Nawash First Nation and Caldwell First Nation, and Joel Klassen, who spent a couple of years in Haiti with a team and who has also worked part-time in dealing with Aboriginal issues in Ontario.
A long-awaited visit by National Chief Phil Fontaine to the Caldwell First Nation's territory culminated in a public display of support for the proposed creation of a Caldwell reserve in southwestern Ontario.
"We stand poised on the verge of a very special moment in history," he declared, "the moment when 200 years of efforts to create a land base for the Caldwell First Nation will be realized."
A high-ranking Indian Affairs official says it will probably be July before the Caldwell First Nation votes on its land claim agreement with the federal government.
The 255-member Caldwell First Nation reached an agreement in principle with Ottawa in early December which, if ratified by the membership, will see Canada pay the band $23.4 million over five years.