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Calendar year to date, Land Rover sold 119,086 vehicles up 14% with a particularly strong performance from Freelander up 36%.
The aircraft movements recorded a nominal growth of one per cent and three per cent in November and calendar year to date, respectively.
Calendar year to date through April, GMs rental deliveries are down more than 61,000 units from a year ago, as planned.
Calendar year to date, the group has seen sales rise 12% in the four months so far, to 161,947 vehicles.
EMI said the latest revision to expectations stemmed from the "continued and accelerating deterioration" in market conditions in North America, where the physical music market has declined by 20 per cent in the calendar year to date.
The inrush of foreign funds has made Japan the best performer of the major countries in dollar terms for the calendar year to date, but it still lags behind others in terms of a 12-month performance, according to the Dow Jones dollar-denominated country indexes.
By the end of September, this calendar year to date production total had exceeded 128,000 cars.
For the calendar year to date ended December 31, 2008 unaudited revenues were $1,418,000.
Calendar year to date, deliveries were up 12 percent, driven by a 72 percent increase in China sales.
6%) Calendar Year to Date (1 Month) CY 2007 CY 2006 Change ASMs (000) 72,806 191,205 (61.
2%) Calendar Year to Date (11 Months) CY 2006 CY 2005 Change ASMs (000) 1,627,826 2,737,624 (40.