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CALDBCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Background
CALDBCalibration Database
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In addition, this high-speed shutter technology has had a significant scientific impact as it has been critical in enabling the development of a platform-independent Raman calibration database for the general scientific community.
Nexxis CAL interacts bi-directionally with both the analyst and the instrumentation to automatically collect calibration data from the instrument, check the data against acceptable limits, determine whether the instrument passes or fails the calibration, and store the results in the calibration database. The program can then be integrated with automated analytical procedures controlled through the main Nexxis application.
Including 80 spectrally matched samples from Instrument 2 to the Instrument 1 1998-1999 calibration database was important for improving the validation results, but it did not change SEC or SECV (data not shown).