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"CEESI has a well-deserved reputation as the leading flowmeter calibration facility in the United States.
The SRS Instrument Calibration Facility uses a Cesium source to calibrate instruments.
The results reveal the degree to which the participating calibration facility can demonstrate proficiency in transferring air kerma calibrations under the conditions of the said facility at the time of the measurements.
Once the item appears on your inventory you can send the Fluke multimeter to the calibration facility.
The control unit also features PC control, a user calibration facility, and memory capacity for up to 30 steps of temperature programming.
EPA is currently working with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) Central UV Calibration Facility (CUCF) to redeploy its Brewer instruments at six sites, some of which are part of networks operated by NOAA and the U.S.
VWR Calibration Services offers a tiered service structure and service onsite or at VWR's calibration facility. VWR General Manager of Services Tim Grogan stated, "The ability to one-stop shop for products and services through VWR generates savings for our customers thanks to vendor consolidation and reduced administrative costs."
The weigher's proven loadcell design, complete with manual calibration facility, can achieve dynamic accuracies of better than [+ or -] 0.25%.
Performing beyond expectations, the high-resolution mirrors for NASA's most powerful orbiting X-ray telescope successfully have completed initial testing at Marshall Space Flight Center's X-ray Calibration Facility in Huntsville, Ala.
In addition to this Seasonal Sale, also offers a 10% off on pipette calibration service for new customers by using the code “TPM.” Lab is the largest independent calibration facility on the West Coast.
This enabled TSL to create a calibration facility and metrology centre staffed and equipped to service the needs of the North's leading companies.
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