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CALVALCalibration and Validation (meteorology)
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The data obtained in the calibration and validation phases of the artificial neural networks (ANNs), as well as the statistical indices are presented in Table 1.
Minitab 7.1 version software was employed to determine concentrations of combinations for calibration and validation sets while Unscrambler[R] X 10.5 version was used for PCR and PLS model development and data analysis.
Flow, mean velocity, and mean depth were calculated according to Chapra [9] for calibration and validation of the hydrodynamic simulation.
Figure 6 shows vertical distributions of [R.sup.2] and [C.sub.T] as a function of normalized height during calibration and validation in the two campaigns.
Figure 2 compares the annual cycle of the calibrated monthly streamflow with observations over the 10 major Texas river basins, and Table 2 lists the statistics of the calibration and validation results.
For calibration and validation purpose, powder blends for tablets were prepared as presented in Table 1.
The same calibration and validation samples were also used in the combined composite set composed of all samples.
where [SD.sub.C] and [SD.sub.V] are standard deviations of the calibration and validation sets, respectively.
Daamen, Buisson, and Hoogendoorn present researchers, professionals in the field, and students with a complete overview of traffic data collection, state estimation, calibration and validation methods for traffic modeling and simulation.