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CSUMCalifornia Maritime Academy (California State University, Maritime)
CSUMComplement of the Sum (computing)
CSUMCentral, Steady, Unmaintained Fixation (eye position)
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The Embassy Association covered port costs to assemble and load the supplies in California, and the California Maritime Academy transported the equipment and supplies free of charge to Peru.
Dronkert is a graduate of the California Maritime Academy and has an extensive background in the industry.
California Maritime Academy and California State University, Bakersfield's Extended University Program in Lancaster also will be represented.
As the San Francisco/Bay Area A-35 Chapter Representative and National A-35 Vice Chair of Membership, I have been working closely with the California Maritime Academy, and every time I stand in front of these young professionals, I think about two things: what value do I bring to them, and what value are they getting for being members of this association?
As recently as the early 1990s, Maury was on the high seas apparently spying for the United States, says its new owner, the California Maritime Academy.
Forty Wilmington students from Phineas Banning High School's Global Safety & Security (GSS) Academy will have a unique opportunity to receive basic mariners safety training at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, Calif.
San Anconio-Phum'mg 1st 5K in May San Francisco Bay Area-Monthly Meetings at California Maritime Academy
It's all part of his job at California Maritime Academy.
The California Maritime Academy (Cal Maritime), a campus of The California State University, today announced that it has received the U.
I am a student at the California Maritime Academy studying Marine Engineering Technology.
will leave Odyssey June 30, 2005, to join The California Maritime Academy (Cal Maritime), a campus of The California State University, as Sponsored Projects and Extended Learning Dean (SPEL Dean).
The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter held its Emergency Preparedness luncheon at the California Maritime Academy (CMA) on December 9th.
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