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CNSICalifornia NanoSystems Institute (University of California at Santa Barbara)
CNSIClub Nautico San Isidro (Spanish: Nautical Club San Isidro; Argentina)
CNSIClient Network Services, Inc. (Rockville, MD)
CNSIClassified National Security Information (US)
CNSIConfidential National Security Information (US)
CNSICommittee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations
CNSICentral Nervous System Infection (illness)
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Air Force and UCLA's California NanoSystems Institute Technology Incubator.
According to Jeffrey Miller, director of the California NanoSystems Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, scientists know only about half of microorganisms' genes and less than 2 percent of the chemicals the organisms produce.
Scientists from UCLA's California NanoSystems Institute have found that the same basic approach is an effective way to place molecules in the specific patterns they need within tiny nanoelectronic devices.
Developed at the California NanoSystems Institute at the University of California Los Angeles, the NanoVelcro Chip is a blood testing device featuring a silicon nanowire substrate that selectively screens out high-purity early traces of cancer.
Our semiconductor process is faster, less expensive, and more reliable than existing processes," says Yang, a professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department and a member of the California NanoSystems Institute.
These results open the potential for visibly transparent polymer solar cells as add-on components of portable electronics, smart windows and building-integrated photovoltaics and in other applications," said study leader Yang Yang, a UCLA professor of materials science and engineering, who also is director of the Nano Renewable Energy Center at California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI).
A team of researchers from UCLA has pioneered a new transparent solar cell, paving the way for a greater generation of electricity from buildings, according to California NanoSystems Institute.
We are excited by this new invention on transparent solar cells, which applied our recent advances in transparent conducting windows to fabricate these devices," said Paul S Weiss, director at the California NanoSystems Institute, in a statement.
In December 2007, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) opened the new California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI).
in Building 114, which houses the California NanoSystems Institute, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey.
STAGE, sponsored by Professional Artists Lab and California NanoSystems Institute at the University of California-Santa Barbara.
According to UCLA, this nanovalve "consists of moving parts--switchable rotaxane molecules that resemble linear motors designed by California NanoSystems Institute director Fraser Stoddart's team--attached to a tiny piece of porous glass, which measures about 500 nm.
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