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C2AClick to Action
C2AClient to Application
C2ACOPA (Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association) to Airventure (aviation)
C2ACall to Action
C2ACustomer to Administration
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I know now what men feel in battle when the call to action is heard.
Through the Call to Action of Chile business representatives, government authorities and union members committed to:
12 letter to Call to Action Nebraska members, "I have been clear from the beginning that no Catholic should become a member of Call to Action.
Since we produced and first aired Itohan: A Call to Action years ago, the story has gone on to gain recognition from several Federal and State MDAs, NGOs and has international awards.
Building on successful efforts to reduce health care-associated infections, the call to action proposes a public health framework that includes defining the problem and setting goals, coordinating activities across sectors, educating and empowering the community, measuring progress, identifying interventions that work and training the workforce.
Call to Action #48 is aimed at implementing the principles, norms and standards of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as the framework for reconciliation.
A Call to Action begins by stating: "As American Evangelical Christian leaders, we recognize both our opportunity and our responsibility to offer a biblically based moral witness that can help shape public policy in the most powerful nation on earth and therefore contribute to the well-being of the entire world" (1).
Manila Call to Action on Climate Change" is an appeal to support the conclusion of a universal and legally binding agreement to limit the warming of the Earth to below 2-degrees Celsius.
Yesterday, the PhilippinesFrance Manila Call to Action stressed the need to act now to address climate change and its impacts.
Taking to the stage for the keynote address was national primary care strategy lead for NHS England, Taryn Harding, who shared an early insight into the recurring themes which have emerged during the organisation's analysis of the Call to Action.
I am utterly convinced that your typical one-line call to action makes absolutely no difference to whether someone does that thing or not.
Again, the strong call to action in these educational materials delivers fully pre-screened prospects who are ready to do business.