CALMETComputer Aided Learning In Meteorology
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Maret and Calmet, (2009) came up with an approach or initiated the idea of agent-based communities which enhance the reflection of a mobile agent, in such a way that it acts within the system, inquiring about knowledge among other agents through multi-agent communities.
These recent works demonstrate that scholars are still finding fresh ways of examining the undead, for De Ceglia's essay explores the work by an eighteenth-century Archbishop of Trani whose rational examination predates that of the better-known Dom Augustin Calmet. The essays of Catania and Bolton might suggest ways to bring in vampires in the media while Whitehead's study not only introduces the connection to ethnography but also demonstrates that vampire-like creatures were present in the New World.
Em outro momento, Antoine Augustin Calmet (1672-1757)--beneditino, mas da Saint-Vanne (Verdun)--, autor da Historia do Antigo e Novo Testamento e dos judeus, e relacionado como "o melhor comentador literal [da Biblia] que ate aqui tem aparecido" (VERNEY 1950b, p.
[20.] Lihoreau, B.; Gauvreau, B.; Berengier, M.; Blanc-Benon, P.; Calmet, I.
Protective effect of bacillus Calmet Guerin (BCG) vaccine in the prevention of leprosy: a metaanalysis.