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CALUConference for Advanced Life Underwriting (Financial Advisors Association of Canada)
CALUCentre for Alternative Land Use (UK)
CALUConference of Australian Linux Users (computing)
CALUCentral Arithmetic Logic Unit
CALUCalifornia Association of Life Underwriters
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2007), exposure to a stressful situation like an electric shock to the legs (Bossert, Marchant, Calu & Shaham, 2013) or defeat in an agonistic encounter (Garcia-Pardo et al.
Louro de Floripes, na primeira das duas transcricoes, expoe de forma mais explicita a utilizacao das sobras na feitura dos brinquedos, enquanto Luiz de Calu inclui o rio e os animais como parte importante do universo infantil, sem esquecer o cavalo de pau e as latinhas.
accounting standards (2012), Deaconu into national (2011), Calu et al.
Their terms, tahi tupuru: tahi calu (43) (female sea: male sea) represent a composite linguistic construction of Austronesian and Papuan terms.
Davidson has already served CALU as vice president of membership, regional trustee, trustee of the association's political action committee and government affairs coordinator.
BANGOR orchard expert Ian Sturrock has won a CALU award for the workshops he runs at his Pen y Bonc nursery.
Thanks to Welsh Assembly Government funding and the support of Calu, the W&BCPBA is running a series of free workshops on different subjects.
CALU Contact: Joyce Sheppick, 724-938-4592, sheppick@calu.
MARCH 24: CALU workshop, "Apple and blueberry orchard management," Bettisfield Hall, Whitchurch (SY13 2L), 10.
To book a place contact Calu on 01248 680450 or by email on calu@bangor.
To verify the specificity and selectivity of PNA-PCR/OCEAN, genomic DNA from cultured cell lines SW480 (homozygous GTT), PL45 (heterozygous GAT/GGT), and CALU 1 (heterozygous TGT/GGT), obtained from the American Type Culture Collection, (Manassas, VA) was extracted with the NucleoSpin[TM] Tissue method (Macherey-Nagel).
For more information or to book a place contact CALU on 01248 680450 or e-mail calu@bangor.