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CAMPROCam Profile (Proton engine)
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Specific valves and springs combined with a new cam profile give this engine a more aggressive, racing character.
For example, a closed-form modified trapezoidal function with adjustable positive and negative acceleration is proposed in order to design cam motion function (Flockers, 2012); the cam profile designed is adequate for applications in which there are various dwells or for high speed cams in which the follower acceleration has to be controlled.
When oil pressure is supplied to the bridge via a drilling in the main event rocker through the elephants foot, the inner piston is pushed down which allows the wedges to be forced in to a groove on the inner piston which enables the outer piston to collapse internally in the bridge body when the rocker transfers motion from the cam profile, thereby deactivating the valves.
The X15 Performance and Efficiency Series bring an innovative approach to duty-cycle optimization, they add, underscoring how the new platform "carries forward the best-in-class attributes of the ISX15 with the implementation of an optimized compression ratio, air handling system and cam profile to increase both fuel efficiency and performance capability.
Table 1: Development of cam profile Description Inlet cam Angle Existing cam data Inlet valve opening 44.
Basically, the second and third cylinders of this four-pot unit are shifted to a cam profile which doesn't activate the valves under low and intermediate loads and when coasting.
On this installation, the "fuel mixture cam profile was erroneous.
Further, the intake cam profile has been changed, the diameter of the throttle body increased from 76 to 83 mm, and both the intake and exhaust valves are made from titanium.
Since the cam profile curve directly determine the kinematics and dynamics characteristics of the mechanism, designing appropriate cam profile curve caused the wide attention of scholars.
The rocket-fast RKT cam automatically adjusts the cam profile to achieve the smoothest draw imaginable.
The RKT cam features Er-goDraw Technology, which adjusts the cam profile to produce a smooth draw cycle while not sacrificing any speed (330 fps/6.
When the chambers are full, the inlet valves respond to the mechanical cam profile exactly.