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CamFedCampaign for Female Education
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While most programs operated by NGOs are universal, two organizations covered here operate targeted programs: Dompet Dhuafa, with its focus on the Muslim community, and CAMFED, with its emphasis on educating girls.
For example, World YWCA has been promoting women's right for more than 150 years, WRC provides specialized services for refugee women during conflicts, and CAMFED promotes the education of girls.
Similar to Africare, CAMFED in Zimbabwe was launched to support the education of girls through the fund-raising efforts of Ann Cotton in the United Kingdom (who later became its executive director).
Also, CAMFED, a relatively small NGO with 2008 revenue of approximately US$13 million, obtains the vast majority of its funding from a combination of trust and governmental grants (approximately 77 percent from trusts, foundations, and governmental grants; 12 percent from individual donations; 7 percent from income-generating activities; 3 percent from corporations; and 1 percent from in-kind donations).