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CAMENACorpus Automatum Manhemiense Electorum Neolatinitatis Auctorum
CAMENACentral Asia Middle East and North Africa
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The Green for Growth Fund (GGF), an impact investment fund advised by Finance in Motion, has attracted EUR 4 million in dedicated funding from the initiative Climate Action in the Middle East North Africa (CAMENA).
CAMENA: Latin Texts of Early Modern Europe, Rechenzentrum und Bibliothek der Universitat Mannheim,
Bashir's appointment underlines our commitment to the Camena markets, which we regard as strategically important.
Prima dicte mihi, summa dicende Camena, spectatum satis et donatum iam rude quaeris, Maecenas, iterum antiquo me includere ludo?
250 B.C.) gave the Romans their first translation of Homer it was the Odyssey, not the Iliad he chose to render in the old Saturnian verse: Virum mihi Camena, insece versutum, "Tell me, O Muse [actually an Italic water nymph] about that ingenious man." For all their culture's prowess in war, Livius must have felt that the martial Iliad was too complicated and mature a poem to impress the Roman audience of his time.
(17.) Ascaso JF, Pardo S, Real JT, Lorente RI, Priego A, Camena R.
The recorder features 120 GB (optional 240 GB) of internal storage, providing 21 days of constant recording at 1 pps per camera in LONG mode; wavelet compression at a resolution of 684 x 240; covert camena support; motion detection per input; and remote monitoring capabilities, including PTZ control.