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CAMLCollaborative Application Markup Language
CAMLCensus of Antarctic Marine Life
CamlCategorical Abstract Machine Language (developed by Institut National de Recherché en Informatique et en Automatique)
CAMLCalcium-Modulating Cyclophilin Ligand
CAMLCargo Aircraft Mine Laying
CAMLComputational Acoustics Modeling Lab
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Altogether, CAML revealed that Antarctica is a single bioregion united by the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.
The Board is considering options, and is in the process of asking the membership for input about whether we should hold a full CAML conference in Ottawa or hold only an AGM in New York and attend IAML.
The latest issue of the CAML Review was published 1 May 2014: http://pi.
Compressed air is also used to power the CAML family of loaders and evacuators.
Under terms of the amendment, CAML will transfer back to the Government of Kazakhstan a 30% interest in BMV, thereby reducing CAML's interest in the project to 70%.
CAML members have been concerned about changes at Library and Archives Canada (LAC), which have drastically reduced staff, resources, and access to collections.
The CAML Newsletter (ISSN 0383-1299), published by the Canadian Association of Music Libraries, changed its title to CAML Review (Revue de l'ACBM) with volume 29, number 1 (April 2001).
Compressed air is also used to power the CAML family of loaders and evacuators available for direct-feed or hopper loading and for evacuating barrels or gaylords, granulator catch bins and other storage containers.
4, 1996--CANADIAN ARROW MINES(CANADIAN DEALING NETWORK: CAML ) Canadian Arrow Mines Limited announces it has commenced active exploration and development of its wholly owned mining properties in Ontario.
We did not hold a separate CAML conference this year, but held Board meetings and our Annual General Meeting during the IAML conference.
CAML series compressed air loaders come in six models: CAML-C provides a cyclone for efficient air/material separation; CAML-LPS low-profile loaders for filling bins and hoppers supplied with lid and internal cartridge filter; CAML-LPL is similar but includes a larger external filter on its lid for dustier materials; CAMLM provides low capacity, direct feeding into machine throat or to feeder bins; and CAML-EVB and CAML-EVG evacuator designed for filling barrels or gaylords from a variety of sources including granulator catch bins.
He was the Canadian delegate to IAML from 1959 to 1971 and continued to encourage participation in its various projects within CAML when it became the Canadian branch of IAML.