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CLPDCampaign for Labour Party Democracy (UK)
CLPDCleft Lip and Palate Deformity
CLPDContinuing Local Preacher Development (UK)
CLPDCrystal Lake Park District (est. 1921; Crystal Lake, IL)
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In the immediate aftermath of this electoral body blow, the rise of the left within the party and the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, plus a general mood of contempt for the last Labour administration, led to the introduction of mandatory reselection of MPs and the Electoral College for leader elections (both with union backing).
Concerns about the plans to put Welsh and Scottish representation on the committee have been voiced in a briefing published by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy.
But a body called the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is planning to propose a motion at Labour's annual conference to introduce the practice.
It then split between a modernising majority and minority that combined Bennites, far left groups such as the ill-named Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Labour Briefing (Corbyn was on its Executive), as well as some Trotskyist entryists.
Mr Benn was speaking at a fringe meeting in Blackpool organised by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy just hours before the conference officially opened.
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