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As part of my role at Dernancourt, I regularly attend a forum organized by the Campbelltown City Council. Many different agencies are present at this forum, including a police liaison officer who shares ways of helping people stay safe in their homes, and representatives from groups such as Diabetes Australia, Housing SA, Red Cross, Domicilliary Care SA, The Helping Hand, Lutheran Community Care, and other similar church groups.
The total cost of the project was $75,000, with $25,000 coming from Campbelltown City Council. (46) Located in Mawson Park in central Campbelltown, this monument represents, first, the shift in the interpretation and practice of local history by these historical societies and how the meaning of the term 'pioneer' has widened to be inclusive of colonial women; and second, the changing gender roles of those involved in local history in the societies that are part of this study.
(49) After much effort the society was able to move into Richmond Villa in 2001, a house museum adjacent to Glenalvon, (50) which had been purchased by Campbelltown City Council in 1973.
This planning was the result of wider cooperation between the Campbelltown City Council and the Department of Education.
The community library opened in 1981 after extensive planning by representatives of the Campbelltown City Council, the State Library of NSW and the then Department of Education.
Crime and safety are issues of some concern (Bankstown City Council 2004; Campbelltown City Council 2004a, 2004b; Fairfield City Council 1999, 2003; Liverpool City Council 2003, 2005; New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research 2008).
Campbelltown City Library Service in late 1995 invited selected consultants to respond to a brief to conduct a study of student use of public libraries, funded by Campbelltown City Council and the Library Council of New South Wales and designed to assist in the planning of services for future demand.
The Liverpool and Campbelltown City Councils employ Aboriginal project officers and hold monthly meetings.