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CSISCanadian Security Intelligence Service
CSISCenter for Strategic & International Studies
CSISComputer Science and Information Systems
CSISCenter for Spatial Information Science (University of Tokyo; Japan)
CSISCommercial Sex Information Service
CSISCalifornia School Information Services
CSISCenter for Secure Information Systems
CSISCollege des Sciences de l'Ingenierie et des Systèmes (French: College of Engineering and Systems Sciences; Paris-Saclay University; Paris, France)
CSISContainer Shipping Information Service (public awareness initiative)
CSISCanadian Society for Industrial Security, Inc.
CSISCivil Service Insurance Society (United Kingdom)
CSISCanadian Society for Italian Studies
CSISCase-Shiller Indexes
CSISComplete Sentient Information Systems (Canada)
CSISCustomer Service Inquiry System
CSISCredited Structures Inventory System (US FEMA)
CSISCentre for Strategic Information Systems
CSISCommunity Safety Information System
CSISCitigroup Security and Investigative Services
CSISCustomer Service Information System
CSISCentral Secondary Item Stratification
CSISCollege Student Insurance Service
CSISChina's Species Information System
CSISChildren's Services Information Service
CSISCenter for Study of Intimate Systems
CSISCoping Strategies Inventory for Statistics
CSISCombined Spectral Interpolation Synthesis
CSISCollectible Specialties Import Services
CSISConstituent Services Information System (Georgia)
CSISCouncil of Senior Islamic Scholars (Saudi Arabia)
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PSEPC manages the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Communications Security Establishment, the Canada Border Services Agency, and other agencies with public safety functions, such as Emergency Preparedness Canada and Health Canada.
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) also was scrutinizing Harb as a result of his relationship to Mohamad Dbouk, an Iranian-trained Hizballah operative.
Over the past decade, there have been several high-profile public disclosures that Canada's most notorious neo-Nazis, such as Grant Bristow and Carney Nerland, were actually agents of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Their violent and viciously racist activities provided the justification for Canada's oppressive hate-crime laws that now infringe on the rights of all Canadians.
A month before his visit, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service disclosed that Chinese espionage activity here is now so intense that China tops the list of 12 countries attempting to uncover Canadian political and economic secrets.
The director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) warns that Western values of free and open public debate and expression are essential weapons in responding to the threat of terrorism, and that a nation tosses them aside at its peril.
The PCMLTFA expanded FINTRAC's mandate to include counterterrorist financing and to allow disclosure to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service of information related to financial transactions relevant to threats to the security of Canada.
But their arrest by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service unearthed a "treasure trove" of information.
He said he would examine the turf wars between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
He is the first American to receive the Egyptian Order of Merit (First Class) and the first non-Canadian to be awarded the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Gold Medal.
20 quoted Jim Judd, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, as saying a new generation of Islamic militants was using the war in Iraq to get first-hand experience, adding: "We all obviously hope the conflict in Iraq ends soon, but then worry about what all these people are going to do.
In Canada, other government agencies such as the Royal Canada Mounted Police (RCMP) and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Transport Canada, as well as Customs and Immigration authorities are increasing their work with other countries to gather information, perform security checks and analyse risks in order to prevent security-related incidents at airports.
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