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CWDMCoarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer
CWDMCourse Wave Division Multiplexing
CWDMCrossband Wave Division Multiplex
CWDMCircular Waveguide Dual Mode
CWDMCode Wavelength Division Multiplexing (also seen as Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing)
CWDMCanal Wall Down Mastoidectomy (surgery)
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The label "Mastoidectomy with removal of the bony canal" was used instead of "Canal wall down mastoidectomy"; "Mastoidectomy with canal wall preserved" was used instead of "Canal wall up mastoidectomy."
Current concepts favour the inside out mastoidectomy procedure as compared to the conventional canal wall down mastoidectomy. [3,4] The idea of the inside-out technique is to limit the size of the cavity when possible and prevent the doctor dependence associated with large cavities.
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The post auricular approach was designed for all patients and canal wall down mastoidectomy was done.
In this study, we report the outpatient attendance of canal wall down mastoidectomy patients in Midnapore Medical College.
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Patients after canal wall down mastoidectomy surgery for cholesteatoma were reconstructed using septal cartilage and cortical mastoid bone grafts as strut in between temporalis fascia graft and stapes suprastructure.
Due to recurrence, she underwent canal wall down mastoidectomy 11 years ago.