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CYIICanal de Isabel II (water supply for Madrid, Spain)
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Tenders are invited for Services of felling and pruning of trees, And clearing of vegetation, In the area of easement of high voltage air power lines attached to the water resources management area of canal de isabel ii, Sociedad annima.
3 February 2012 - The government of the autonomous Spanish region of Madrid is getting ready to see through the partial privatisation of Canal de Isabel II, aiming to sell 30% of the water utility by this September, Spanish newspaper Expansion reported.
The European Investment Bank (EIB) is granting a Euro 91 million loan to Canal de Isabel II to finance construction of waste-water treatment facilities in the Madrid Region as well as the rehabilitation of a water reservoir below the Plaza de Castilla, in the North of the city.
Contract notice: Professional legal services for the claim of the debts maintained by clients and third parties of which canal de isabel ii sa is creditor in the extrajudicial and judicial way
The European Commission has given clearance to a proposed joint venture between two Spanish companies, Canal de Isabel II and Hidroelectrica del Cant brico.
Contract notice: Contract, By open procedure, For sludge transfer services and support in cleanings of facilities of canal de isabel ii sa by tank trucks
Contract notice: Contract, By harmonized open procedure, For the maintenance services of the telecommunications network and the tetra network of canal de isabel ii sa
Contract notice: Contract, By open procedure, For the supply and management of fuel for the fleet of vehicles and machinery of canal de isabel ii sa, Ente canal de isabel ii sa, Hispanagua sa, Canal de comunicaciones unidas sa and hidrulica santillana sa
Tenders are invited for Supply of chemical reagents for the elimination of phosphorus by chemical means for sewage treatment plants managed by canal de isabel ii, Sa