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CANCERComputer Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits, Excluding Radiation
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To make certain, I shall examine for cancer and tumour, although there's little chance of anything like that."
"Now, as regards this swelling," he was saying, as he began a belated and distant examination of Kwaque's affliction, "I should say, at a glance, that it is neither tumour nor cancer, nor is it even a boil.
A cancer, a tumour, or something of that nature,--a thing that devours and destroys.
When the cancer broke, she dressed it every day; sometimes she brought him some cake and placed him in the sun on a bundle of hay; and the poor old creature, trembling and drooling, would thank her in his broken voice, and put out his hands whenever she left him.
Yet they had still the human gift of speech, and would take council among themselves in their brushwood hovels, glaring with bleared eyes and pointing with thin fingers at the great widespread chateaux which ate like a cancer into the life of the country-side.
Suppose that the remainder of life is to be one constant struggle with the gout which racks our bones, or with a gnawing and disfiguring cancer, the wise man dismisses quacks, and at the proper moment bids a last farewell to the friends whom he only saddens by his presence.
If it comes to that, I had an aunt who died of cancer myself, but I put a bold face on it--" He rose and began tilting his chair backwards and forwards on its hind legs.
But report took up this amazing case of tumor, not clearly distinguished from cancer, and considered the more awful for being of the wandering sort; till much prejudice against Lydgate's method as to drugs was overcome by the proof of his marvellous skill in the speedy restoration of Nancy Nash after she had been rolling and rolling in agonies from the presence of a tumor both hard and obstinate, but nevertheless compelled to yield.
A hundred diseases, all the fevers and con- tagions of human life, consumption, cancers, tumours and such morbidities, never enter the scheme of their life.
Now in cancers and hydrophoby they are quite ingenious.
After several months, the researchers found that about two-thirds of the patients in the hyperthermia group showed no lingering signs of their cancer. In contrast, only 42 percent of patients receiving just radiation had that response.
In 32 patients in the Johns Hopkins HIV clinic, 60% of standard chest X-rays found no evidence of cancer within one year of diagnosis--compared to only 4% of chest CT scans (1 in 28 scans missed the diagnosis).