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Candi Staton arrives at the Americana Honors and Awards in Nashville, Tenn.
Candi began singing in a gospel group with her sisters as a teenager and toured with Mahalia Jackson and a young Sam Cooke.
Candi is determined that will not happen to her girl.
Now, companies that specialize in business intelligence, analytics, operations, and systems management can deploy scalable products faster without having to tackle the difficult challenges of device-level communications or edge-to-cloud connectivity, which is managed by CANDI software.
Founded in 2009 with significant start-up capital, Candi developed a platform which supports multiple data protocols for edge gateway computers to communicate with a constellation of IoT devices.
As Candi lists them all she counts them off on her impressively jewelled fingers.
Other meaningful ratios would be those produced by dividing the distance between the apex of Borobudur and Candi Pawon by the diameter of the platform that supports the main stupa (108:1), and the distance between Borobudur and Mendut by the diameter of the main stupa (183, that is the number of days it takes for the sun to travel between its southern and northern limits on the eastern horizon).
International Resource News-October 2, 2012--San Diego Gas & Electric and Candi Controls launch 'Green Button Connect My Data' platform(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing -
So it was rather fitting that a memorable year was brought to a close with an exclusive one-off show by soul legend Candi Staton which made the Sage the place to be on New Year's Eve.
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