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CANHCanine Handler
CANHConditional Access Network Handler
CANHCommunity and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association, Inc.(Australia)
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Everett Police officer and canine handler Christopher C.
As non-law enforcement employees, TSA canine handlers work with over 600 TSA-certified state, local and federal law enforcement teams which are currently deployed to more than 90 airports in the US.
Mesloh, a former law enforcement officer and canine handler and trainer, currently is an assistant professor at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.
Officer Chysna applied to the department and was selected as Buzzy's canine handler. He has always loved dogs, owning several German shepherds as a child, and had long wanted to work with a police dog.
A sergeant with the Seattle Police Department, White has more than 35 years of experience as a canine handler.
CPL Wiens, who was dedicated to the MWD program, was named Kory after his grandfather, a canine handler in the Korean War.
Mesloh, a former law enforcement officer and canine handler and trainer, currently is the administrative services coordinator at the University of Central Florida Police Department in Orlando and is pursuing a Ph.D.
Craddock, a canine handler for three years, was rotated into the school resource job this year and took Cutter with him.
"Information sharing through the TSWG also will help us develop training aids that will determine what makes a good canine handler and gives that handler the ability to 'read' the dog."
When a position was posted for a passive response narcotics detection canine handler, Buzzard applied and was accepted for the job.
He was the patrol agent in charge, Ysleta Station, El Paso Sector; assistant patrol agent in charge, Deming Station, El Paso Sector; patrol agent in charge, Presidio Station, Marfa Sector; field operations supervisor, BORTAC, El Paso, Texas; and border patrol agent canine handler. Chief Padilla is a graduate of the CBP Senior Executive Candidate Development Program.
He dragged wounded platoon-mates to cover during the two-day firefight, tended to them, searched for bombs as a canine handler, and repeatedly returned fire against the enemy - while coordinating the defense until he could guide the unit to safety.
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