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CAVComputer-Aided Verification
CAVConstant Angular Velocity
CAVComposite Audio Video
CAVConcept Activity Vehicle
CAVComputer Aided Verification
CAVConstant Air Volume
CAVCampus Andaluz Virtual (Spanish virtual campus)
CAVCanine Adenovirus
CAVCentre d'Art Visuel (French: Visual Art Center; France and Switzerland)
CAVContrat d'Avenir (French: Future Contract; employment contract)
CAVCommon Aero Vehicle
CAVCardiac Allograft Vasculopathy
CAVChicken Anemia Virus
CAVComputer Audio Video (music system)
CAVCollision Avoidance System
CAVCyclophosphamide Doxorubicin Vincristine
CAVCoalition Anti-Vivisection (Belgium)
CAVCommercial Asset Visibility
CAVCentre Alexis Vautrin (French: Alexis Vautrin Center; est. 1924; Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France)
CAVAviation Heavy Cruiser
CAVComposite Armored Vehicle
CAVCumulative Absolute Velocity (seismology)
CAVConfrérie des Amateurs de Vapeur (French: Brotherhood of Steam Enthusiasts)
CAVComponent Averaging (numerical technique for solving large sparse linear systems)
CAVColegio de Arquitectos de Venezuela (Spanish: Venezuela Association of Architects)
CAVCommon Aerospace Vehicle
CAVCentro Ecuménico Antonio Valdivieso (Antonio Valdivieso Ecumenical Centre)
CAVCommand Assistance Visit (US DoD)
CAVComputer Assisted Valuation (real property)
CAVCentral Africa Vision
CAVCompound Accreted Value
CAVChick Anemia Virus
CAVCampo de Visão (Portugese)
CAVCorrective Action Verification
CAVCentre Astronomique Vendéen (French: Vendéen Astronomical Center; Vendée, France)
CAVClub d'Aviron Vésenaz (French: Rowing Club Vésenaz; Vésenaz, Switzerland)
CAVCommand Assault Vehicle
CAVCombat Autonomous Vehicle
CAVCrack Arrest Verification
CAVClub Automodélisme de Viglain (French: Auto-Modeler Club of Viglain; Viglain, France)
CAVCommand Authority Violation
CAVContrat Assurance Vie (French: Life Insurance Contract)
CAVConsolidated Adjustment Voucher
CAVChampagne Audiovisuel (French: Champagne Audiovisual; Cormontreuil, France)
CAVComputer Aided Vexillology
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Literature reports are available, which suggest that canine adenovirus antibodies produced against the two different CAV types provide cross-protection, owing to the antigenic similarity of CAV-1 and cAv-2 [19].
If you want to or need to vaccinate your dog for bordetella, it might make the most sense to ask your veterinarian for the intranasal bordetella vaccine that also contains a vaccine for CAV-2, a strain of canine adenovirus that affects the respiratory tract.
The nasal swab specimens were collected in 1 mL phosphate-buffered saline and tested for evidence of pH1N1 virus and several other pathogens reported (5-7) or suspected to occur in giant pandas: canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus, canine coronavirus, canine herpesvirus, and canine parainfluenza virus.
"This is the reason I've tried to really emphasize the importance of canine adenovirus being a core vaccine, because we have the disease in Mexico, and we know we have the disease in wildlife species in Canada," he says.