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CCoVCanine Coronavirus
CCoVColorado Conference on Volunteerism (Fort Collins, CO)
CCoVChrist Chapel of the Valley (California)
CCoVColombian Community of Victoria (Australia)
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Two genotypes of canine coronavirus simultaneously detected in fecal samples of dogs with diarrhea.
Molecular characterization of a virulent canine coronavirus BGF strain.
No one knows for sure whether canine coronavirus occurs only in the presence of other gastrointestinal illnesses, or if it can cause clinical signs on its own.
Canine coronavirus (CCoV) is usually responsible for mild, self-limiting infections restricted to the enteric tract.
Variation of the sequence in the gene encoding for transmembrane protein M of canine coronavirus (CCV).
Together with porcine Transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV), canine coronavirus, and human coronavirus 229E (HCV), the feline coronaviruses form a separate cluster within, the genus Coronavirus, including Feline enteric coronavirus, and FIPV (26).
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