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We are a huge department and we already explained that we cannot comply with other targets (such as the NAT and A&E) since we need to get the results first, if not, we cannot say that it is included in target," he added.
This essentially allows product formulators one year to come into compliance, after receiving a complete classification data set for a product or mixture, if they can demonstrate their reasonable diligence and good faith efforts but still cannot comply with the June 1, 2015 deadline.
Perhaps a study should be carried out to evaluate when an extra one or two carriages should be added - or the franchise put up for tender - if the company cannot comply with a better service to the suffering Welsh commuters.
Compliance must also be absolute: countries cannot comply in one theatre, while making mischief in another.
Market feedback suggests that there have been many instances of breaches to the rental barometer, with landlords sticking to their increased rent demands over and above the index average and asking their tenants to vacate if they cannot comply.
If 30-50 percent of industry cannot comply with the current PEL, how is it feasible to comply with reductions of 50-75 percent in the new PELs," he comments.
Manufacturers cannot comply with a law, the provisions of which are invalid, that cannot be enforced and that will not contribute to improving public safety.
Pharmacists: We cannot comply with the new pricelist.
The government remains open in pursuing peace talks with them, but the conditions that they've created, which is the issuance of a JASIG pass to their consultants, is something that we cannot comply with because there is no basis for such list (of consultants)," Lacierda told Radyo ng Bayan.
If the chief constable feels he cannot comply with what I regard as my reasonable requirements, he should raise the issue with the Minister.
If a clerk, state attorney, public defender, or local court believes its office cannot comply with the February 3 deadline, it must file an extension request, including the reasons for noncompliance and the expected compliance date, between January 1 and January 15.
Asset management firm BlackRock head of corporate governance for Asia ex-Japan Clarence Yang recommended that instead of applying one-for-all standards, a "comply or explain" mechanism could be in place so that companies that cannot comply with the standards under certain circumstances could provide valid reasons instead.