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Logically, they must be able to comply with all of the provisions of the order, or they cannot comply with the order, she wrote.
You cannot comply with HIPAA and use a CSP in the absence of a BAA
"We agree with the noble and learned friend that Gurinder Singh cannot comply with the school rules without becoming a victim of discrimination.
Market Synergy argued that because FIAs are "typically distributed through IMOs and IMOs are not considered to be 'financial institutions' under the BIC Exemption, IMOs and independent agents cannot comply with the BIC exemption," Sweeney said.
The statement declared: "Calling the [anti-PKK] operations in the Southeast that the Turkish security forces have been conducting to ensure the unity and solidarity of our state 'massacre and carnage' and disregarding our martyrs who lost their lives in pursuit of this cannot comply with the concepts of democratic rights and freedoms."
A defiant Kentucky clerk has told a US judge that she cannot comply with an order to issue marriage licences to gay couples because it would violate her conscience.
This essay shows three things: first, that we cannot comply with a command from God to believe in God; second, that God cannot command us to believe in God; and, third, that the divine command theory is false.
''We cannot comply with the wild capitalism and the harmful neo-liberal course that the Borisov government has taken while the unrest and dissatisfaction with such policies has been increasing all across Europe,'' the statement said.
This essentially allows product formulators one year to come into compliance, after receiving a complete classification data set for a product or mixture, if they can demonstrate their reasonable diligence and good faith efforts but still cannot comply with the June 1, 2015 deadline.
However, if there are ODP restrictions that you cannot comply with, or if the ODP has a required route that you are not being vectored on, be particularly cautious.
Perhaps a study should be carried out to evaluate when an extra one or two carriages should be added - or the franchise put up for tender - if the company cannot comply with a better service to the suffering Welsh commuters.
Compliance must also be absolute: countries cannot comply in one theatre, while making mischief in another.
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