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CNDCreative Nail Design (various locations)
CNDCentre National de la Danse (French: National Center of Dance)
CNDCampaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CNDConseil National de la Danse (French: National Council of Dance)
CNDCommission on Narcotic Drugs
CNDControlli Non Distruttivi (Italian: Non-Destructive Testing)
CNDComputer Network Defense
CNDConselho Nacional do Desporto (Portuguese: National Sports Council)
CNDCisco Network Designer
CNDCaller Number Delivery
CNDCaldera Network Desktop
CNDCanadian Dollar
CNDContrôle Non Destructif (French: Non Destructive Technique)
CNDChina News Digest
CNDCalling Number Display (telecommunications)
CNDCalling Number Delivery (Bellcore)
CNDCongregation of Notre Dame (religious order)
CNDCannot Duplicate
CNDCaldera Network Desktop (Linux)
CNDCounternarcotics Division (US DoD)
CNDCould Not Duplicate
CNDCouncil of National Defense (US government)
CNDCreative Network Design (Emeryville, CA)
CNDCentre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine (various universities)
CNDConstanta, Romania - Kogalniceanu (Airport Code)
CNDCommand and Decision
CNDCircum-Nuclear Disk
CNDDermoids of Cornea
CNDChronic Neuroimmune Disease
CNDChief of Naval Development
CNDCheck Node Decoder
CNDCzego Nalezalo Dowiesc (Polish: QED)
CNDCommittee of National Defence (Poland)
CNDCallparty Number Information
CNDCooperating Network Device
CNDCable Network Domain (Sprint)
CNDCustomer Number Development (Sprint)
CNDComprehensive Network Database (Sprint)
CNDCommunity and Neighbourhood Development Unit (Toronto, Canada)
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As great a parent as you are, you cannot duplicate the learning opportunities children get in a structured group setting with an experienced teacher.
Merseytravel states that it cannot duplicate commercial bus services yet run empty buses for non-existent tourists in the city centre along routes adequately served by commercial routes.
From here on in, it can be expected that the big pharmaceutical companies will be boosting their own research along with that in academia, to see if they cannot duplicate the results of the Thai trials and take them on further to at last discover a vaccine that is three times more effective.
Letters must be original and cannot duplicate material that has been published elsewhere.
But you cannot duplicate the mental and emotional state of the actual hunt--the excitement, the anticipation, the pressure.
I'm not saying that one cannot duplicate a piece from a museum collection, what makes the term "fraudulent" relevant here is the sale of that finished piece as genuine.
But computers have now considerably surpassed those original requirements for speed and memory and they cannot duplicate the cognitive processes of a flea.
There is still a sudden-death beauty about what Sir Alex Ferguson called in his programme notes "the grand old competition'' that the Premiership, for all its quality, cannot duplicate.
You can enter as many teams as you like but you cannot duplicate more than seven players in any of your teams.
It cannot duplicate the water impact but everything else was very close to the real thing.
It also excels, says Leonard, in its ability to draw nations to it through inclusion, a position the US cannot duplicate and China and India are unlikely to master for the time being.
You can imitate what a program looks like, but you cannot duplicate the time-tested inner workings that Rose City Software has been developing for the last five years.
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