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CVACity of Vancouver Archives (Canada)
CVACertified Valuation Analyst
CVACerebrovascular Accident (stroke)
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CVACertificate in Visual Arts (various organizations)
CVACentral Valley Ag (farmers cooperative; Nebraska)
CVAContextual Value Added (school evaluation)
CVACampus View Apartments (various locations)
CVACertified Veterinary Assistant
CVAChange Vector Analysis
CVACommunauté des Villes Ariane (French: Community of Ariane Cities)
CVACash Value Added
CVAClean Vessel Act (Florida)
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CVAConnecticut Valley Arms
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CVACredit Valuation Adjustment
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CVACurrent Value Assessment
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CVAControl Valve Actuator (power industry)
CVACommonwealth Veterinary Association (UK)
CVACostovertebral Angle
CVACardiovascular Accident (stroke)
CVACustomer Value Analysis
CVACustomer Value Added
CVACertified in Volunteer Administration (Association for Volunteer Administration)
CVACanonical Variate Analysis
CVACampus Virtuel Africain (French: African Virtual Campus; Senegal)
CVACertified Veterinary Acupuncturist
CVAContinuous Variable Aperture
CVACorporate Value Associates
CVAComité des Vosges d'Athlétisme (French: Vosges Athletics Committee; Vosges, France)
CVACommercial Vehicle Aftermarket
CVACorderie Voilerie de l'Atlantique (French marine supply company; Bordeaux, France)
CVACarrosserie Vexin Auto (French auto body shop)
CVACertified Verification Agent (energy industry)
CVACommanditaire Vennootschap op Aandelen (Dutch)
CVACanadian Vintners Association
CVAColorado Veterans' Alliance (2007-2009)
CVAConcurrent VLSI Architecture
CVACompressive Video Amplifier
CVAComparative Vertebrate Anatomy
CVAColorado Velodrome Association
CVACanadian Virtual Airlines
CVAConnecticut Volkswagen Association
CVACurrent Vulnerability Assessment
CVACircular Viterbi Algorithm
CVACharacteristic Vector Analysis
CVACanadian Virtual Assistants
CVACentral Verifications Activity
CVACrime Victims' Advocate
CVAClandestine Vulnerability Analysis
CVAComputer Virus Association
CVAConcurrent Viterbi Algorithm
CVAChopper Vane Angle
CVAConfederate Veterans of America
CVAColorado Veterans Affairs
CVAConvergent Voting Algorithm
CVACompliance Verification Assessment
CVACorporate Valley Associates
CVACommunications Vulnerability Analysis
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The canonical variate analysis displayed a distinct separation between the three tilapia farms.
Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA) of the Procrustes transformed landmark coordinates illustrates the distribution of the points along the X-Y axes (Figure 4).
The relative warp scores were then subjected to Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) and Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA) to test for differences in left and right fore- and hindwing shapes.
A Canonical Variate Analysis was then able to identify a contrast of a few slot machines that maximized the separation between these groups.
The number of follicles was found to be uninformative in these analyses, consequently this variable has been omitted from the canonical variate analysis (CVA).
Nevertheless, in the canonical variate analysis (CVA), 66.12 % and 12.84 % of the total variation were expressed by the first and the second canonical variate axis, respectively.
Principal component analysis, canonical variate analysis and discriminant analysis were done using PAST (Paleontological Statistics package for Windows version 2.0) [15].
sexlineata viridis as a priori groups and tested the results of principal components analysis by using canonical variate analysis (discriminant function analysis of Tabachnick and Fidell, 2013) to determine if conspecifics from the two localities could be discriminated by the same eight morphological characters that were used in the principal components analysis.
taeniatus, the species that seems to be the most similar to them, was compared through free size canonical variate analysis (Bookstein et al., 1985) and the result may be seen in Table 2 and Figure 5.
Differences in the shape of skulls between species are visualized through the Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA).
The resultant elliptic Fourier coefficients from the Elliptic Fourier Analysis were then subjected to Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) and Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA).
Ordination methods, such as Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA) and Principle Component Analysis (PCA), were used to discriminate the different subgenera based on the male genitalia shape.