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InChi keys use a canonicalization algorithm that guarantees that the same structure will always be mapped to the same string (17).
Similarity-aware canonicalization approach prior to signature value is not computed in socio network multicast routing.
While at Nuance Communications, Douglas was an NLP software engineer, where he developed the infrastructure necessary to enable advanced conversational systems and requisite technologies such as canonicalization. Douglas currently is a software engineer at Google.
Personal disposition and emotional complexity are often among the determining factors of the canonicalization of letters.
Hence, diverse graph simplification/modification techniques can be used for canonicalization.
This graph-based descriptor for molecule (GBMD) provides unique representation for each structure and depends on the canonicalization algorithm.
The fact that their text canonicalization features did not lead to better than the baseline approach supports their findings that the sentential paraphrases, at least in the MSR corpus, share more words in common than one might expect given the standard definition of a paraphrase.
There are improvements in "canonicalization" which is Google's word for choosing the best name for a site.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has released Exclusive XML Canonicalization as a W3C Recommendation.
Loop induction variable canonicalization in parallelizing compilers.