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Since 1967 I've been shooting cap and ball revolvers--replicas and/or originals--of Colts and Remingtons dating from the Civil War era.
Actually the .44 cap and ball revolvers from the 1836/1873 era were .45's too.
I didn't shoot this first custom cap and ball revolver for two reasons.
As most readers know, most of the cap and ball rifles made today are often inline models.
The Colt company went on to refine the cap and ball revolver and a produced several different models in later years.
Replicas of these and other cap and ball revolvers are still being made today, however, few if any are using in-line muzzle loading pistols, an odd situation as in-line ignition has proven reliable and popular in rifles.
Offered by K-W Cap and Ball Horns, 5073 Townsley Road, Dept.
What happened was Colt engineers figured out a way to alter cap and ball revolver designs so they fired metallic cartridges.
No gun company, back then or today, likes to junk perfectly good but obsolete parts, and Colt had tens of thousands of various models of cap and ball revolver parts on hand in the early 1870s.
The firing pin was put back on the hammer and since by this time Colt was running out of cap and ball barrels, new ones were manufactured.
Of course all these early Colt single actions were "cap and ball" types; meaning they did not use fixed metallic ammunition.
Anyway, about the only Colt cap and ball revolver to be featured on the screen has been the huge Colt/Walker .44, and even then the movie people didn't get it right.