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CMZCode Management System
CMZChannel Migration Zone
CMZCleveland Metroparks Zoo (Cleveland, OH)
CMZCentraal Meldpunt Zorg (Dutch: Central Care Reporting)
CMZCape Mountain Zebra (mammal)
CMZContiguous Municipality Zone
CMZCougar Mountain Zoo (Washington)
CMZCalcium, Magnesium and Zinc
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In August 2015, the population of Cape Mountain Zebra comprised a minimum of around 4 800 individuals in no less than 75 subpopulations that are well distributed over the historical range of the subspecies.
As a result, the Cape Mountain Zebra is no longer threatened with extinction, having recently been assessed as Least Concern in accordance with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.
The transfer of Cape Mountain Zebra to Appendix II supports the management and conservation of this subspecies, as it opens up additional economic opportunities that can support the expansion of available habitat and better management of subpopulations on private land.