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CAPETCertificat d'Aptitude au Professorat de l'Enseignement Technique (French: Certificate of Aptitude for Technical Education)
CAPETColorado Association of Property and Evidence Technicians
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by Lucien Capet (Paris: Maurice Senart, 1915), Mitchell Collection, box 3, folder 1.
Following the French troops' liberation of Lausanne on January 26, 1798, Louis Capet was ordered to leave the newly proclaimed Helvetic Republic.
Equally, while a reverent chapter of their Histoire de la societe francaise pendant la Revolution is devoted to the execution of Louis XVI, there is no mention of Marie-Antoinette's death, only a reproduction of a print from the Revolutions de Paris: "La veuve Capet au tribunal revolutionnaire," a print that the Goncourts dismiss as republican propaganda.
(20) The title of the painting involves a monarchist conception of the origins of the French state, since it refers to the election of Hugues Capet in 987 as the first in a continuous line of French kings down to the French Revolution of 1789--in this conception of the French state, we are all Capetians now.
Seriacopi struggles to explain how Hugh Capet can describe Boniface as the vicar of Christ outraged at Anagni if, as later becomes apparent in Paradise, St.
Its publication was a few days after the execution of Louis Capet, and clearly uses and elaborates upon a rumor to suit the political purposes of that newspaper; the French King, murdered at night, in private, the perpetrators using all the cunning of a villain in a Gothic novel to keep their crime secret.
Because these overlords were named Plantagenet and Capet, and from their struggles the first strong royal states in northwest Europe were to emerge, our understanding of Breton history has been distorted.
As a cinematographer, James Tocher proceeded to shoot Simon Capet's short film Evirati (1999) which was then transferred to 35mm by Digital Film Group; Tocher's Vancouver company is also responsible for the digital to film transfer of Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) (2001).
Part 1 treats the Italian humanists' views of the French kings, including the question of the legitimacy of the ascendance to the French throne of Pepin and Hugh Capet, the tribal origins of the Carolingiians, and the territorial ambitions of the monarchs, both with regard to Italy and to the rest of Christendom.
Chantal Capet, an English teacher in France appreciates EdNet@UMass' ability to facilitate "hearing about my contemporaries' experiences in teaching." Chantal also reads EdNet to stay abreast of the "new technologies in teaching."
Reasons for Preserving the Life of Louis Capet (1793), a speech to the National Convention, encourages the French to avoid new calamity and reminds them of Louis's assistance to the American Revolution.