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CAPITACenter for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis
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AIC per capita for twelve Member States lay between the EU average and 25% below.
The self-sufficiency rate of vegetables was 103% in 2017 with an average vegetables consumption per capita of 79.3, kg down from 86.3 kg in 2016, a decrease of 8.1%, according to the CAPMAS.
While Bihar once again had the lowest per capita Net State Domestic Product at Rs 38,860 in FY 2017-18 among the among major Indian states at current prices.
Over a 20-year period, a 1-L reduction in alcohol intake per capita correlated with a 3.9 percent decrease in overall cancer mortality.
Cyprus' GDP per capita meanwhile stood at 84 per cent of the EU average.
The revised series of per capita income will be compiled after finalization of 6th Housing and Population Census results.
The figure compares with an PS89.8m loss in 2016 and comes as Capita detailed PS850.7m of "specific non-underlying items" which negatively impacted its performance.
A spokesperson for Capita confirmed that at the end of January there were 900 claims that had not been processed because of missing information.
Figures from the National Insurance Institute (22) shown in the graph below tell the story: During the two decades between 1968 and 1989, GDP per capita growth was indeed paralleled by a concomitant rise in real wages for Israelis.
Per capita GNI gauges the average income of each individual.