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CAPXCapital Expense(s)
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For example, a new air-conditioning unit or wiring for high-speed Internet connections are a capital expense, not an operating expense.
We help customers increase bottom line productivity and profitability, while minimizing capital expense.
The value of Lychuk is not the establishment of a clear rule for characterizing an expenditure as a deductible or a capital expense.
If you're buying something major, such as a vehicle, office furniture, computers, machinery, equipment or even a building, that's a capital expense.
Generally, if the correction's cost increases the property's value, the expenditure could be considered a capital expense.
To address the green retro-fitting process in realistic business terms, my firm says to a facilities manager, give us your capital expense program, give us a list of everything that you've spent money on in the last five years and then give us your plan for what you want to buy or replace over the next ten years.
The ultimate goal is to help our customers to increase bottom line productivity and profitability, without increasing capital expense.
Generally, the industry's common asset-driven approach to capital allocation results in the acceptance of too many individual capital expense projects that ultimately have marginal or no impact on a firm's long-term value creation.
Deferring an improvement does not mean that a capital expense will be avoided indefinitely.