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CVCurriculum Vitae
CVConstant Velocity
CVCove (street abbreviation)
CVControl Valve
CVCheck Valve
CVCape Verde (Country)
CVCommercial Vehicle
CVCoefficient of Variation
CVCross Validation
CVCoventry (postcode, United Kingdom)
CVConstant Voltage
CVCider Vinegar
CVContingent Valuation (method for measuring compensatory restoration of natural resources)
CVCritical Value
CVCell Volume
CVComposite Video
CVControl Voltage (music synthesis)
CVCrystal Violet (dye)
CVCastro Valley (California)
CVCastlevania (game)
CVCablevisión (Argentina)
CVConvair (aircraft manufacturer)
CVConvenience Store
CVColecovision (1980s video game console)
CVComputer Video (electronic representation of the PANTONE colors)
CVCargo Van
CVClear View
CVCrown Victoria (Ford Motor Company autombile model)
CVColumn Volumes (chromatography)
CVComputer Virus
CVRepublic of Cape Verde
CVCash Value
CVCoachella Valley (California)
CVControl Volume
CVCassette Vision (video game console)
CVColor Vision
CVCiudad Vieja (Guatemala city)
CVCapcom Vancouver (video games; Capcom Co. Ltd.; Japan)
CVConsonant Vowel
CVCost Variance
CVCapital Variable (Spanish business entity)
CVChrome Vanadium (steel)
CVCalorific Value
CVCombat Vehicle
CVCode Violations
CVConduction Velocity
CVControlled Vocabulary
CVCopyright Violation (also seen as CopyViol; Wikimedia Foundation)
CVCourvoisier (cognac)
CVCompatibility View (Internet Explorer; Microsoft)
CVConfiguration Variable (used in digital command and control of model railroads)
CVVice Commander (USAF)
CVCervical Vertebrae
CVCommanditaire Vennootschap (Dutch: Limited Partnership)
CVCount Value
CVCarrier Variant (aircraft with modifications to permit operations to/from aircraft carriers)
CVCellular Video (AT&T)
CVCommand Vehicle
CVComputerVision (CAD/CAM software company)
CVCapacitance-Voltage (measurements)
CVCommercial Venture
CVCoding Violation (telecommunications)
CVCharacter Voice
CVCataclysmic Variable
CVChoking Victim
CVCatalog Value
CVCleaning Validation
CVCentral Vermont Railway
CVCompliance Verification
CVChikungunya virus
CVComputer Validation
CVConventional Vehicle
CVCultivated Variety (botany)
CVCampus Village
CVChild Version (psychological testing)
CVCheval Vapeur (French: horsepower)
CVCritical Vulnerability
CVCasino Vérité (gaming software)
CVCavalli Vapore (Italian: horsepower)
CVContinuous Vulcanization
CVCyclic Voltametry
CVCentral Version
CVCargo Variant
CVCross of Valour (Canadian decoration equivalent of the George Cross, second highest bravery decoration after the VC)
CVCartell-Verband (Burschenschaft mit Katholisch-konservativen werten)
CVMulti-purpose aircraft carrier (US Navy ship type)
CVContraction Velocity (cardiology)
CVCaballo Vapor (Spanish)
CVCollection Voucher
CVCoefficient of Flow (fluid flow calculations)
CVCeiling Void (structural drawings)
CVConcordant Version (translation of the New Testament by A.E. Knoch)
CVContribution Value
CVCommon Ventricle
CVComplete Adventurer (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
CVConceptual Value (marketing)
CVClan Veteran (gaming)
CVChemical Vocabulary
CVCircus Voltaire (pinball game)
CVCrossbone Vanguard (anime)
CVCavite Varsitarian
CVSchedule V Controlled Substance (USA)
CVColossus Voulge (Diablo II gaming)
CVCranioventral (anatomy)
CVChallenge Valley (activity, Camp Yawgoog, BSA)
CVContainer Vacuum
CVCryoglobulinemia Vasculitis
CVCarrier Volplane (Fixed Wing)
CVClandestine Vulnerability
CVCarrier, General Purpose (US Navy)
CVCache Verification
CVChariot Ventures, LLC (Hong Kong)
CVControl Vertices Curve (form of NURBS)
CVCras Ves'pere (tomorrow evening)
CVCentrum Vzdelávání (Czech: Education Center)
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If the underlying wage equation is nonlinear, then men and women who have, on average, different levels of a human capital variable will yield different estimated coefficients even if they are drawn from the same underlying relationship.
En la nota titulada Andres Massieu, cabildero con ligas en el poder politico, que firma el reportero Alejandro Gutierrez en Proceso 2008, del pasado 26 de abril, se menciona que mi representada Dumez Copisa Sistemas Mexicanos, Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable, es una de las filiales en Mexico de Grupo Copisa, lo cual es completamente alejado de toda realidad.
If, d, the elasticity of output (or labor productivity) with respect to public capital is positive and statistically significant, then the public capital variable is an important determinant of economic growth and labor productivity at the national and sectorial level.
8] The second innovation is using a human capital variable.
Tewoo has higher gross revenue but a lower operating EBITDAR margin than Bunge Limited (BBB/Negative) and Tereos Union de Cooperatives Agricoles a Capital Variable (BB/Stable).
Se trata de Comercializadora Ocavaz, una sociedad anonima de capital variable cuyos accionistas--a partes iguales--son Sergio Ocampo Munoz, esposo de la candidata del Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) a gobernadora, y sus hijas Maria Jose, Celia Maria y Montserrat Ocampo Vazquez.
Les actions confisquees sont reparties entre 1 145 000 actions relevant des Societes d'investissement a Capital Variable (SICAV) et 14 500 000 actions dans 27 societes dont 25 societes cotees sur la Bourse de Tunis.
It is observed from the above tables that H0 isn't confirmed based on that the mean of intellectual capital variable equals 3.
It mirrors the two-year-old GEM Equity Unconstrained SICAV - societe d'investissement a capital variable, or 'investment company with variable capital' - an open-ended collective investment common in western Europe.
The results depict (table 3) that in the organized manufacturing sector of Punjab, capital variable is turned to be low and negative (-0.